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Alternative Dispute Resolution | Johnson County, KS

When It Comes to Matters of Family Law, You Have Options
The reasons for a divorce can be many and wide-ranging, but not all relationships have to end through the courts. There are many resources available that you and your partner may utilize before considering litigation. Alternative dispute resolution in Johnson County, KS, is a sensible route to take if your family has encountered the possibility of a divorce. Learn what you can do with this option below.

It’s All about Mediation
When people think about a “divorce,” it normally conjures images of courtrooms, lengthy legal battles, and distressed family members. There’s no doubt that a divorce or legal separation can invoke many emotions.

Worse, couples can also have children caught in the crossfire. Arguments and concerns about custody, visitation, and alimony and child support can further complicate matters and lead to certain unhappiness. Divorce through the courts can disrupt personal lives, hinder both parties’ ability to earn a livelihood, and also result in costly lawyer and court fees.

However, there are actions a couple can take that don’t need to depend on a judge’s decision. Law firms offer collaborative divorce processes, which is a form of alternative dispute resolution.

Advantages of a Collaborative Divorce
A collaborative divorce is a legal option which aims to end a couple’s marital status in a way that is beneficial to both parties. By working with a law firm as the mediator, both parties can discuss their concerns, and negotiate a settlement--without the lengthy, costly, and emotional intervention of the courts. At its core, the collaborative divorce promotes amicable circumstances, minimizing the stress and lasting enmity that comes from a traditional divorce.

The collaborative process focuses on the needs of both parties instead of a “winner/loser” outcome. Through an experienced legal mediator, couples resolve disputes by creating meaningful solutions.

Although divorce is never a truly comfortable or smooth process, you and your partner deserve respect and closure. Consider your options with a collaborative divorce firm and find a mutually beneficial resolution to your legal matters.


  1. A Better way to Divorce

    Divorcing couples are now demanding other solutions to resolve their divorce rather than litigation; they are tired of fighting things out in divorce court. Divorce itself can be a sad and stressful life experience. However, the traditional court process may compound the distress, create uncertainty, and be costly. When children are involved, the stakes are even higher. Couples now seek a better way to resolve their case amicably and with respect.

    Alan Rosenak utilizes the alternative tools of negotiation, mediation, or collaborative divorce - whichever is best suited to your situation. In this process, spouses participate in a respectful, problem solving and non-combative environment. This results in constructive, creative and meaningful financial and legal divorce solutions that you and your family want, without having courts decide issues.

    Divorce itself is an unpleasant life experience. However, by utilizing the non-adversarial processes of negotiation, mediation or collaborative divorce, you can find comfort knowing that you will find support from our team; you will be able to have your needs and goals heard, the special qualities of your family considered, and your options discussed and mutually incorporated into your carefully crafted Agreement.

    Not all divorces can be resolved through these alternative methods. However, if you want to consider the benefits of these alternatives, contact Alan today for your family law attorney needs in Kansas. 913.593.5264.


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